2016 TRIP Survey

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If "other" state selected, please indicate what state
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Supervision and Job Experience
"Strongly agree/disagree" means statement is very accurate/inaccurate of the nature of your work. "Agree/disagree" means the state is right/wrong about your work, with exceptions. "Neutral" means you have no opinion on the matter.
You received sufficient information/instructions of what is expected of you and the nature of the tasks assigned.
You feel that you had enough knowledge/expertise to perform this work.
Your supervisor was willing and able to answer questions.
The experience at your internship was related to your major or career goals.
Other employers in your department supported the internship program.
Your academics prepared you for this position.
You were able to apply your classroom knowledge with real life work experiences.
You would consider permanent employment with this company.
Please provide any additional comments about your internship experience, what you learned and how the internship could be improved (all information will remain anonymous).