Southern Plains Transportation Center Announces

2019 Summer Internship Program
Transportation Regional Internship Program (TRIP) 

Background: As a Regional University Transportation Center (UTC), the Southern Plains Transportation Center (SPTC) is committed to strengthening the UTC program’s legacy of invaluable contributions to transportation education and workforce development by executing a comprehensive strategy of innovative programs with a strong diversity-building component that encourages K-12 students, college students or adult learners to become transportation professionals. An important element of SPTC’s workforce development effort is the Transportation Regional Internship Program (TRIP).

Participating TRIP Sponsors & SPTC’s 2019 TRIP Interns

Internship Focus: The 2019 TRIP is focused on summer internships for students seeking to gain valuable professional experience through working for a transportation company or a government organization/agency over a period of ten to twelve weeks. The actual project a student works on is selected based on the student’s interest, the company/agency needs, and the SPTC goals (see for details). Since State of Good Repair and climate-adaptive freight and transportation infrastructure are SPTC’s focus, a diverse set of topics can be covered under this regional internship program, including design, construction, testing (laboratory/field), management, compliance, safety, and training.

Stipend Level: The student stipend can be between $4,000 and $10,000 depending on the location, company/agency, and other factors. The stipend is generally co-funded by the company/agency and SPTC.

Eligibility:  Undergraduate and graduate students from any SPTC institutions (Langston University, Louisiana Tech University, Oklahoma State University, Texas Tech University, University of Arkansas, University of New Mexico, University of Oklahoma, University of Texas at El Paso) are considered eligible applicants. SPTC is committed to increasing the diversity of our nation’s transportation-related workforce. 

Application Process: Students must submit their applications directly to companies or agencies through their websites. A copy (pdf) of the application should be emailed to SPTC ( to facilitate co-funding of stipend. A list of companies and agencies participating in the 2019 TRIP program as well as their needs can be found at the SPTC web site ( Potential applicants are encouraged to check the web site periodically to review the updated list. 

Application Package: The application package depends on the company/agency requirements. Generally, it includes the following: (1) a cover letter; (2) a copy of your resume; (3) a copy of your transcript (unofficial copy generally acceptable); (4) a list of references; (5) other pertinent materials. The cover letter should be addressed to the company or agency including a short narrative on your educational background, area of interest for the internship, and what you expect to achieve from the internship. 

Note: A student can apply to multiple companies/agencies by submitting a separate application for each company/agency.

Deadline: Deadlines are set by the companies/agencies. Potential applicants should apply early to increase chances of acceptance.

Important Note: Applicants must be U.S. Citizens, permanent residents, or otherwise legally qualified to work in the United States.

Reporting Requirements:  Each intern pursuing this program must provide the following during the course of the internship: (a) One paragraph summary of the intern’s educational background;(b) Two high resolution photographs of the intern: a “head shot,” and a picture showing the intern at work or a high-resolution group photograph including the intern, the supervisor, and others, if any, related to the intern’s work; (c) One-page summary of the intern’s accomplishments in the project, highlighting the relevance of the work to the transportation industry. With intern’s consent, this narrative may be used in a press release, newsletter and promotional materials. 

More Information:  For additional information, potential applicants should contact their SPTC Associate Director (see for contact information) or contact Michael Molina at

Participating Universities

  • Langston University

  • Louisiana Tech University

  • OSU - CLGT

  • Texas Tech University

  • University of Arkansas

  • University of New Mexico, Albuquerque

  • University of Oklahoma

  • University of Texas at El Paso

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