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CEC is a privately-held engineering firm in the state of Oklahoma, serving both public entities and private developers. Founded in 1921, we have worked hard to establish, develop, and build upon our offered services and skill sets. We offer extensive services, which allow us to be involved with projects from conception, to design, to construction. Our multi-divisional company specializes in transportation design and planning, facilities engineering, mechanical/electrical and power engineering, surveying and mapping services, construction management and supervision, materials testing, airport planning and design, environmental services, right-of-way engineering, and bridge design and inspections. Our focus is to eliminate aging infrastructure and drive community growth through innovative and collaborative engineering design. We want to get stuff built right – our relationships, our communities, and our families.

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For more Information on CEC's Internship Program, please contact

Maria Wilson via email at maria.wilson@connectcec.com or phone (405) 753-4200
Becky Clowers via email at becky.clowers@connectcec.com or phone (405) 753-4208

2018 Summer Interns

Alyssa - CEC.jpg

Alyssa Rogers
Oklahoma State University - Class of May 2019
Civil Engineering major

The twelve weeks spent as an intern at CEC has been an experience I will not soon forget. Before this summer I had little knowledge within civil engineering outside of a classroom setting. The rotational position gave me the opportunity to experience different areas within my field of study. I found out what I enjoyed doing as well as learned about new areas outside of civil engineering. The people here were welcoming and inviting which created a very positive experience for me.

My first two weeks were spent in surveying learning about LiDAR and 3D modeling. I wasn’t familiar with LiDAR, but it turned out to be one of the most interesting things I got to participate in this summer. To see in real time how the data was collected and then see in practice how these millions of data points are brought together to build a larger picture was incredible.  Next was Construction management. I loved every minute of being out on site. The scale of everything does not register until you are out there involved in the process. From meetings to overseeing the concrete pours, I felt as if I got a taste of everything. From there, I spent time in the Power department.  Interestingly, I went in with little knowledge on the subject and now I find myself checking each pole I pass for wildlife protectors. Following Power, Facilities came next on the schedule. Throughout my time in this department, I attended a few different meetings, worked some beam designs, and completed some area calculations for pay quantities.  I enjoyed attending meetings in all the different departments; it allowed me to experience more of the business side of the job.  My last rotation was Transportation. I was able to work on bridge loadings, AutoCAD drawings, and hydraulic design.

Coming into this internship I thought my favorite departments would be facilities and bridge design. Although I do enjoy both of them, construction management was my favorite rotation. I am extremely grateful to have been given this opportunity to experience what CEC does. I am especially grateful to all the people who mentored me through this internship.  Each one of them made me feel like a welcomed member of the team.

Jim - CEC.jpg

Jim Devers
The University of Oklahoma, Norman - Class of May 2019
Civil Engineering major

Throughout my internship I have had the opportunity to work on many different projects at airports all across the state. I worked a lot on the Bartlesville Municipal Airport and Carnegie Municipal Airport. For these projects I inspected the runways, developed the plans for the runway rehabilitation, and developed grant applications for the clients.

Over this summer I have learned how to properly design runway and taxiway markings and how to apply FAA Advisory Circulars to the projects. Being able to have this experience helped me gain a much better understanding as to what happens behind the scenes for airport rehabilitations and other types of projects. As a pilot, and thus an airport user, I had a very good understanding as to how airports operated, but I did not know how much work went into developing and maintaining all of the infrastructure and equipment (runways, taxiways, lights, weather observation systems etc.) that goes into keeping an airport operating effectively and efficiently.

Lucas - CEC.jpg

Lucas Norris
Oklahoma State University - Class of May 2020
Civil Engineering major

There are numerous impacts that this internship has had on me but I believe the most important is that it has really opened the door to the engineering world for me.  Prior to this internship I really only had a vague idea of what civil engineers do and pretty much no idea on what an engineering firm was like to work for. After my summer here I feel like I have solidified that I want to be an engineer and I feel more passionately about my future career than I ever have before.

During my time here at CEC I had the opportunity to be involved in various jobs in every department. A few of my favorites included doing a centerline and alignment in Surveying as well as being able to go out into the field for a few days learning how all the equipment works and getting to use it too. In Construction Management I really enjoyed getting to see how everything comes together out on the jobsite and being active in calculations and judgement calls every day was a responsibility I thought was quite rewarding. During my time in Facilities I got to help do a couple steel beam designs and concrete mix calculations which I found really interesting and has made me want to learn more about structural design. Another thing I enjoyed getting to do was going to jobsite meetings, I feel like it is very beneficial for me to have a small look at how professionals conduct themselves during a job and getting to see a small sample of how some of the personalities work together. Lastly, during my time in Power I have learned a lot more about power delivery than I ever knew and learning how to complete a job from start to finish was a great feeling for someone who has never completed an engineering job before.             

The things I learned during my internship here at CEC are lessons and tips that will help me every day moving on towards my future career. I’ve been able to see firsthand what the company stands for and the working culture within the office and I have been incredibly pleased. Every person I have met here feels genuinely kind and has always been willing to help and teach and I feel blessed to have been a part of this internship. It has shown me what I feel like I need to look for in a workplace and I can only hope to be able to work at a place like CEC. I look forward to applying these lessons into everything I do and to continue to develop the awesome relationships I have made here at CEC.