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CEC is a privately-held engineering firm in the state of Oklahoma, serving both public entities and private developers. Founded in 1921, we have worked hard to establish, develop, and build upon our offered services and skill sets. We offer extensive services, which allow us to be involved with projects from conception, to design, to construction. Our multi-divisional company specializes in transportation design and planning, facilities engineering, mechanical/electrical and power engineering, surveying and mapping services, construction management and supervision, materials testing, airport planning and design, environmental services, right-of-way engineering, and bridge design and inspections. Our focus is to eliminate aging infrastructure and drive community growth through innovative and collaborative engineering design. We want to get stuff built right – our relationships, our communities, and our families.

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Becky Clowers via email at becky.clowers@connectcec.com or phone (405) 753-4208

2019 Summer Interns

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Alexandra Ott
Oklahoma State University - Class of December 2019
Electrical Engineering major

My first project with the power distribution team was to help finish the 100% sealed documents for a project at Ft. Sill. The army was putting in more street lights to prevent accidents with people crossing the street at night. I was able to proof read and prepare the drawings for submittal. The largest project I worked on this summer was a distribution project for Oklahoma State University. OSU is in the process of updating their entire electrical power distribution system. I have had the opportunity to go on site visits, edit/redline drawings, and even got to assist in producing the plan for this project. Throughout the course of the summer, these projects have taken up the largest part of my time.

The experience I have received from this internship has taught me more that I can recount in this small paper. My favorite thing that I have been learning continually is project management from James. He has taught me how to be composed, how to catch red flags, and how to become an effective engineer. On a smaller scale I have learned about many types of new equipment, such as parts for power line poles, cables/ conductors, load breakers and fuses, and many more. I have learned how to use a new computer software called SKM, a software used to evaluate circuits before they are put into construction. I have also gotten experience learning how to read and use the code books for various applications. My journey with CEC does not end after this internship, and I look forward to the challenges and projects that will come.

This internship has helped me get a better feel for the direction I want to take my profession. It has also helped give me a start in that direction. At the end of last month, I accepted an offer for part time work during my last semester of school and a full-time position following my graduation and completion of my FE exam. Before this internship I did not really have a clue for what I wanted to delve into specifically upon graduation. I have found a love for industrial power and plan to pursue industrial power professionally long term. All in all, I am very grateful for the opportunity to have experienced such a wonderful company with so much diversity.

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Dominique Keller
Oklahoma State University - Class of May 2022
Civil and Environmental Engineering major

During my summer internship at CEC, I was able to be a part of many different projects. I was able to increase my knowledge on Civil Engineering and now I can use what I have learned to help me make decisions in the future.

In the six different departments that I worked in over the summer, I was able to work on projects such as : the John Kilpatrick Turnpike with CM, Stillwater Junior High with Survey, Norman Public Schools with Survey, a Corporate Headquarters and Manufacturing Center project with Facilities, ODOT office with Facilities, Holdenville Airport with Airports, and many more.

I gained an inside look at each department and was able to increase my knowledge on Civil Engineering by being able to work directly and indirectly with Civil Engineers. Together we worked on various projects, attended meetings and networked with other companies. It not only showed me the field and office work, but also the business side of things.

The things I learned while interning at CEC will help me make future choices about my career path. It gave me experience in each department to help me narrow my focus for my career path. Because I interned with CEC I confidently know that I want to work in CM, I felt like it was the perfect fit for me.


Jackie Fuller
Oklahoma State University - Class of May 2021
Civil Engineering major

This summer at CEC, I had the opportunity to rotate through most of the divisions including Airports, Facilities, Power, Survey, Construction Management, and Transportation. Through this I was able to shadow and learn from many employees and departments. I attended pre-bid and progress meetings with the Airports practice as well as assist in design and calculations for the centerline of runways for Holdenville, Lindsay, and Mangum Airports. With Facilities I attended department meetings, project meetings with clients, and marketing meetings with potential clients, an interview with the City of OKC, and a site visit to an ongoing ODOT project. I was introduced to Civil3D and practiced drawing a drainage area map as well as introduced to some structural engineering software. In Power, I learned about safety and power distribution. I learned how to design URD electric lines and how to look through OG&E specs and standards. In survey I was introduced to MicroStation and learned how LiDAR data processing works. I also got to ride along and see LiDAR data be collected from the Mobile Mapper and the drones. During Construction Management, I learned about the JKT project in Mustang, OK. I was able to observe many construction activities such as soil compaction, paving, inlet drainage structure installation, parapet wall concrete pours, a bridge deck pour, and steel bridge beams hung. In transportation, I went through a plan review exercise and learned about ODOT specs and standards. I have learned so much from this summer. I have learned a lot more about reading plans and how they relate to specs and standards, and I also learned a lot more about the business and marketing side of engineering. By attending meetings and interviews, I was able to see how much work is involved in being awarded jobs. I also learned a lot more about the entire process of a project. It was really interesting to get to see each part of a project by going through the departments. For example, I saw what survey takes from the field and puts into AutoCAD, then what designers and engineers receive from the surveyors and how they design based on the existing survey, then a finished set a plans going to the field and becoming actual structures and roads. This internship has been so helpful and beneficial to me. Before this summer, I was really confused about what I would eventually specialize in and what direction I wanted to take my career. Going through the rotations and seeing examples of each specialization taught me a lot about myself and my interests. After being exposed to each department this summer, I learned that I really enjoy Construction Management and that I want to continue to pursue Civil Engineering and construction. I appreciate being able to understand the plans and everything that goes into design, but then being able to apply that in the field and making sure it gets built correctly is extremely special and I want to continue to be a part of that.


Michael Andersen
University of Oklahoma - Class of May 2020
Civil Engineering major

My internship at CEC allowed me to accomplish tasks that I wouldn’t have seen in a normal summer or even during a semester of school. Many of the topics that I learned about this summer have not been taught in school yet. I was also able to develop relationships with professionals in the career field that I am passionate about. I feel that my time spent at CEC was one of the most valuable times in my college career so far. One of the things I really appreciated about this internship was gaining the insight of how a successful company operates. CEC is special in that they provide resources for employees to develop in their personal lives as well as in their careers. I believe that these practices ensure that the environment created at CEC is one in which growth and production can occur. CEC also has so many different departments with unique jobs within these departments that I was able to be introduced to many different engineering aspects. Civil engineering is somewhat broad so it is hard to decide which area one should pursue a career in. This internship assisted me in narrowing down which fields of civil engineering that I am more passionate about. Another thing I appreciated was getting to observe professional engineers and their working processes. They successfully manage and communicate with their departments in order to provide a quality product. Getting to see and learn from these processes allowed me to gain confidence in my ability to contribute to the success of an engineering firm.