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EST is a rapidly growing multidisciplinary engineering firm with office in Oklahoma, Texas and Colorado.  EST provides a dynamic and exciting environment and is dedicated to collaborative and responsive client service. We are committed to upholding our core values of honesty, integrity and professionalism to the highest degree. From designing roads and bridges to providing surveys, environmental site assessments, construction management, geotechnical services, material testing, traffic studies, and site designs. We have broken down the process of providing a variety of engineering services into specialized divisions and are proud to offer our clients the most comprehensive engineering services conveniently available at one firm.

The success of EST comes from the hard work and dedication of our employees. We invest in our people and encourage them to pursue any opportunity that will produce a fulfilling career. We are committed to providing an innovative and creative environment that gives everyone the opportunity
to thrive.

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Cassidy Doescher  via email at or phone (405) 815-3600

2019 SUmmer Intern

Sam Dalili.jpg

Hessam (Sam) Dalili
The University of Oklahoma, Norman - Class of May 2020
Civil Engineering / Pre-Dental major

As an intern at EST, I had the opportunity to work under the supervision of Cassidy Doescher in the Norman roadway design division. My job duties include aiding in the preparation and final submittal of plans for various projects. Specifically, I have worked on the title sheets, plan and profile sheets, mass diagrams, traffic control details, cross section sheets, and etc. Throughout my time this summer at EST, I also mastered drawing typical sections. This summer, I also had the opportunity to help our environmental department with Phase 1 inspecting. By doing so, I was able to help the manager of the environmental department to read the Plan and Profile sheets, which helped us to find all the different driveways, structures, and etc. This summer, I was introduced to drainage design, more specifically drawing drainage areas, calculating the flow, and using software such as HY-8 and Hydraulic tool box. With the help of the design team and our PE, I had the opportunity to learn more about Microstation, which will be very useful throughout my last year of college.

anna chen.jpg

Anna Chen
The University of Oklahoma, Norman - Class of May 2020
Civil Engineering

I had the opportunity to work as an intern under the supervision of Cassidy Doescher in the Norman roadway design division of EST. I worked mostly with redlines at the beginning in order to familiarize myself with MicroStation. Now, my duties also include editing and drafting title sheets, cross sections, and typical sections. This includes calculating the AADT, creating certain typical sections, and labeling structures and other important factors.

            Throughout my time at EST, I also assisted in designing plan and profile sheets, traffic control details, and erosion control sheets. Specifically, I have been involved in drawing structures in the profile, designing advance warning sheets and traffic control entities, and drawing disturbed areas for erosion control sheets. This summer, I have also been able to learn how to calculate and check certain pay quantities such as surfacing, guardrail, drive, and structure quantities.

            EST gave me the opportunity to work with different aspects of various projects. This allowed me to improve my understanding of all the planning and preparation that is involved in the submittal of final plans. This hands-on engineering experience allowed me to not only improved my software skills, but also enhanced my knowledge of the calculations and design entities necessary for completing projects.