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EST is a rapidly growing multidisciplinary engineering firm with office in Oklahoma, Texas and Colorado.  EST provides a dynamic and exciting environment and is dedicated to collaborative and responsive client service. We are committed to upholding our core values of honesty, integrity and professionalism to the highest degree. From designing roads and bridges to providing surveys, environmental site assessments, construction management, geotechnical services, material testing, traffic studies, and site designs. We have broken down the process of providing a variety of engineering services into specialized divisions and are proud to offer our clients the most comprehensive engineering services conveniently available at one firm. For more information visit:

2017 Summer Interns

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Mickayla Eisenbrandt

The University of Oklahoma

As a student intern at EST, I am fortunate enough to work with the Roadway Design Team in Norman, under Cassidy Doescher, P.E. Working for the roadway department, I assist in the creation and submittal of plans. I have drafted sheets including: title, typical, plan and profile, cross sections, traffic control and erosion control. In addition, I have learned to operate MicroStation, InRoads, and Estimator. The most helpful part of working at EST is that I have the ability to learn about roadway design from beginning to final submission, including attending a few utility meetings and public meeting. I believe the experience I have gained at EST has given me additional knowledge than I could not have received though college alone and reassurance that I have an exciting career ahead.


Hessam Sam Dalili

The University of Oklahoma

As an intern at EST, I had the opportunity to work under the supervision of Cassidy Doescher in the Norman Roadway design division. My job duties include aiding in the preparation and final submittal of plans. Specifically, I have worked on the title sheets, plan and profile sheets, pay quantity sheets and typical sheets for various projects. Along with these experiences, I also learned how some pay quantities are calculated, how to read road surveys, how to design pipes through the HY-8 software and made sure that water flows perfectly throughout the pipe.  With the help of the design team and the PE, I had the opportunity to learn more about Microstation and HY-8, which will be very useful throughout my college experience.