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KSA is an industry leader, providing a broad range of engineering, architecture, planning, surveying, and construction management services. Interns are the future of engineering. KSA strives to provide interns with a well-rounded experience including real-world experience and learning opportunities. We value the education, background and work ethic interns bring to the company.

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2018 Summer Interns

Emily Avery.jpeg

Emily Avery
The University of Oklahoma - Class of May 2019
Civil Engineering major

Emily is working toward her Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering and is expected to graduate in May of 2019. Starting from a level of almost no knowledge of general engineering practices, we believe Emily is now at a level where she can confidently review a submitter against a set of plans/specs without much guidance. The reviews she performed were very thorough and addressed the correct areas of concern.

She also helped with meeting agendas/meeting minutes from the meetings that she was able to attend. The meeting minutes at the end of the summer had a much higher level of detail than the beginning, showing that she was able to adjust to constructive criticism.

 Emily had project tasks done promptly and sometimes ahead of schedule. For an intern with minimal experience to what we do as a consulting firm she did her work as completely and accurately as we could have hoped. Also, if corrections were required the first time, she would typically have it done and good to go by the second time. Due to our current project workload, we didn't have a chance to provide her with more work that pertained to design to see how her problem solving skills were.

We really enjoyed working with Emily this summer and hope she looks at KSA for her future job opportunities.

Francisco Cortez
Texas A&M, College Station - Class of December 2018

Civil Engineering major

Francisco is an undergraduate working toward his Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering, is expected to graduate in December 2018. Prior to attending TAMU, he obtained his associates in engineering (with honors) from Houston Community College in Houston, Texas. My internship with the Aviation Services team in Sugar Land, TX this previous summer was great and unique. I experienced many things that reminded me of when I worked in construction during my years right after high school as I mostly teamed with Nathan Mikell, EIT, to go out on project site visits.

The internship was unique due to all the projects out of the Sugar Land office going on at the time were in their construction phase. This phase allowed for many site/field visits with Nathan out to project SG.O61C (Sugar Land Regional Airport) which from my understanding has been going on for multiple years. I also saw many things I’ve learned in the classroom being applied in the real world which was great to see. Furthermore, I enjoyed being on the civil engineering side of things this time.

During downtime in the office, I kept busy by looking at old projects, learning TxDOT and FAA specifications, asking the team questions on various matters, and refreshing my AutoCAD Civil 3D skills amongst many other busy work tasks.Some of my favorite experiences with the team in Sugar Land were when the whole office (Craig P., Craig C., Tiffany, Alicia, Curt, Nathan, and Cole) would go out to lunch together and really spend that time to get to know one another and build/reinforce their family culture. I valued this aspect very much as I believe it translates into a more productive and harmonious work environment when everyone is engaged in their respective jobs.

Overall, I really enjoyed my summer with KSA and the team in the Sugar Land office very much! It was a great learning experience, and it solidified my expectations of becoming/being a civil engineer and showing me I made a great choice. I also admire the direction, and outlook President Mitch Fortner has for KSA, and I cannot show enough gratitude to April Barker and Craig Phipps for giving me this opportunity.