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The Southern Plains Transportation Center compiles periodic newsletters to communicate the impact of the center in the areas of research, outreach, workforce development and more.

2018-2019 Thesis Award Winners
The Southern Plains Transportation Center (SPTC) -- the regional University Transportation Center (UTC) for Region 6 -- is proud to present winners for 2018-2019 Student Dissertation and Thesis Awards. These prestigious awards recognize scholarly research conducted by graduate students in engineering or a closely related field on transportation topics important to the region, including but not limited to the SPTC focus on Climate Adaptive Transportation and Freight Infrastructure and Safety.
2018 - 2019 First Place Thesis Award Winner: Melissa Escalante

Melissa Escalante is a graduate student from the University of Texas at El Paso pursuing Civil Engineering. Her thesis topic, "Assessing Delamination of Concrete Bridge Decks with aging in Arid Regions using non-destructive testing" is given 2018-2019  best thesis award by Southern Plains Transportation Center (SPTC).

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2018-2019 Second Place Thesis Award Winner: Rodrigo Antonio Collao

Rodrigo is a graduate student from the University of Oklahoma pursuing masters in Civil Engineering. His thesis topic, "Developing Affordable Smart Solutions for Police Reporting" is given 2018-2019  second best thesis award by Southern Plains Transportation Center (SPTC).

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Council of University Transportation Centers (CUTC) provides a forum for the Universities and centers to interact collectively with government and Industry. CUTC meeting was successfully conducted from June  24 - 26,  2019. Please visit CUTC or SPTC website  for further information.
ODOT workshop: Double Wedge and Design charts for Displacement-Based Design of Cantilever Retaining Walls by Amit Prashant

Amit Prashant, Research and Development Professor, Civil Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology, Gandhinagar had conducted a workshop at Oklahoma Department of Transportation (ODOT)  on June 28, 2019.
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Tea Time Conversation with Dr. Amit Prashant on both professional and Personal experiences.
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Upcoming News
Short Course: Transportation Asset Management by Dominique Pittenger

Dominique Pittenger, Technical Director for Southern Plains Transportation Center (SPTC) and Research Assistant Professor at The University of Oklahoma is going to provide a short course on Transportation Asset Management.

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