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Olsson Associates is a successful engineering and design firm that has been creating public and private projects throughout the United States since 1956. We offer comprehensive design and consulting services in water/wastewater, water resources, land development, landscape architecture, urban planning, environmental resources and compliance, transportation, technology, municipal, geotechnical, and mechanical and electrical.

We have expertise and experience in many different areas, but our mission is simple: to help make the communities we touch healthier, safer, and more prosperous, while sustaining the environmental health of our planet for future generations. Our work almost always involves land, water, air, and life, and working with these essential resources means that we take our responsibilities very seriously.

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Jeremy Brian
Oklahoma State University - Class of 2020
Civil Engineering major

I am Jeremiah Brian and I worked as a General Site Civil Intern during the summer of 2019. I attended high school in a small town called Holly Colorado. After that I was awarded a bachelor’s degree in applied mathematics with a minor in chemistry from Oklahoma Panhandle State University in Goodwell, Oklahoma. After that I pursued a degree in Civil Engineering from Oklahoma State University, where I am currently a senior and am expected to graduate in May of 2020. In engineering school, I have been enrolled into hydraulics and hydrology, which in correlation interested me in site civil work. Which was why I was pleased to hear from Olsson, contacting me to interview for an internship at their office in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Working at Olsson was a phenomenal experience because not only did I get to use skills I learned in school, but I also go to extract new skills from the professionals I worked closely with. I learned a lot about the more business side of the design industry that they don’t teach you in college. I worked closely with a General Civil Engineer on a few projects, one almost complete and the other just starting out. With only having a semester of experience on just regular AutoCad, I really enjoyed learning how to navigate and use AutoCad Civil 3D. It was great getting to learn how to navigate and how to use the special tools in that program.

During my time at Olsson, I worked on two main subdivision projects; Washington Lane Vlll and Lakes and Twin Mound. I mostly worked on Lakes at Twin Mounds, but I did get to work and water line design in the Washington Lane Vlll project. While working on the Lakes at Twin Mounds project I had to get acquainted with the city code and ordinances of Glenpool, Oklahoma. This was so that we could make sure that the proper regulations were being used in the layout of the subdivision, water lines, sanitary sewer lines, storm sewer lines, gas lines, and building layouts, and getting the projects ready to present. These really helped the engineer I

was working with to be able to work in different areas of the projects while I worked in those areas, making the engineer more efficient and the project to progress at a faster pace.

While I was not working on projects with an engineer, I worked closely with the site civil lead engineer on how to organize and make the details that go into each project more efficient. With going through every single detail in the offices database, I was able to learn the standards of Olsson as a company. With this I was tasked to fix any errors in the details I ran across and make a sheet of content to represent all the details we have in the database. After I was complete with the repairing of details, I then set up a file to easily and efficiently access those details. This task was very intuitive as I learned what each detail represented and how it was a vital element in each project.

As I stated above, I had to familiarize myself with the city codes and ordinances of Glenpool, Oklahoma. I also created an easy and fast file for other surrounding cities, that summarized their city codes and ordinances to make looking them up more efficient. Participating in this project mad me notice all the small details that go into each site civil project we produce.

I had a very impressionable experience with all the engineers that I worked closely with, and I just hope that they learned as much as I did from them. I woke up every day ready to learn something new and Olsson and a whole was ready to deliver. I am extremely grateful for the people at the Tulsa team, and greatly appreciate the opportunities to grow that I was given here at Olsson.

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Nick Burt
Oklahoma State University - Class of 2019
Civil Engineering major

Hi, my name is Nick Burt, and I am a student at Oklahoma State University in Stillwater, Oklahoma, pursuing a degree in Civil Engineering. Before beginning my studies at Oklahoma State, I attended Fort Gibson High School in Fort Gibson, Oklahoma, a small town in northeastern Oklahoma of about 4000 people. From an early age I have always been a very good math student and have been fascinated by buildings, bridges, and dams; which led me to pursue a career in Civil Engineering. This past spring, I finished my senior year of school at OSU and now have only one more semester of classes left to finish my bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering. Since I have already completed 4 years of school, I have taken many classes towards earing my Civil Engineering degree. Some of my favorite classes that I have taken at OSU include Steel Design, Reinforced Concrete Design, and Construction Engineering. This fall semester I will finish my degree by taking the last of my Civil Engineering classes and completing my Senior Design Class. After earning my degree and graduating in December I plan to join a consulting firm and begin to impact the world for the better through the Civil Engineering projects that I will have the opportunity to work on.

This summer I had the privilege to work as a Road and Bridge Intern at Olsson in their Tulsa, Oklahoma office. Working at Olsson was a great experience for me to further my education as an aspiring Civil Engineer. At classes in school I learn all about the theory and basic concepts of engineering, but this summer I got to put all the knowledge into action by working on Olsson’s Road and Bridge team. In addition to applying the knowledge I have learned at school I also learned a great deal during the internship into how an engineering firm functions and completes projects. One of the best things I learned this summer was how to use ODOT Microstation to draw plans for a roadway project. Also, I got very familiar with what a transportation plan set looks like and all the information that it contains. This summer I had the ability to participate in 2 major transportation projects that Olsson was working on. The first project was State Highway 28 that runs from Pensacola to Langley in Oklahoma. On this project I got to work on many features include the Right of Way proposal, typical sections, and cross sections. We were working on this project for the 60% Right of Way submittal that was due at the end of July. The other project that I spent a lot of time on was a new bridge and approach slab on I-44 in Tulsa, Oklahoma. For this project I worked on detailing typical sections to perfect them for the final submission. In addition to detailing, I was able to attend the 90% submission meeting with ODOT Division 8 in Tulsa. This meeting was very interesting to see the interactions between the client and engineering firm. Also, I had the opportunity to work with our office’s structural engineer to check the design of the retaining wall and bridge on this project. With some assistance and lessons from the structural engineer I was able to follow the AASHTO LRFD Bridge Design Specifications to complete the check of the retaining wall and bridge to ensure

that the design was structurally sound. Overall, I had a great experience this summer working at Olsson. At the beginning of the internship I wasn’t excited about working on the transportation side of Civil Engineering, but now that I have worked on some projects, I really enjoy the challenges and things that Transportation Engineering brings. My internship at Olsson has taught me a lot this summer and has prepared me to become a great Civil Engineer once I earn my degree.


Jessica Shepherd

I am Jessica Shepard and I worked as a Water/Wastewater Intern during the summer of 2019. My experience at Olsson taught me about practically applying the technical knowledge I learned in school and gave me a deeper understanding of hydraulics. Getting exposure to certain design practices like saving money for the client by choosing the most efficient methods and making reasonable assumptions was also an important part of my experience at Olsson. Throughout the summer, I mainly worked in WaterCAD to do the hydraulic analysis for the Pointe Vista project along Lake Texoma. I also helped model a pump station and underground storage tank system in WaterCAD for the City of Wichita. This project was interesting because the model enlightened the issues with how the water was being transported to the pump station. Once these models were complete, I got to help write up the results and learn about the regulatory side of a water project. One of my favorite parts of working at Olsson has been the people; everyone here is so nice and willing to answer any questions. I felt like part of the team while I was here. I also appreciated that Olsson tried to expose all their interns to diverse experiences and provide plenty of opportunities for growth; we got to see an interesting

presentation all about bats! Overall, it has been a great summer, and I am very grateful to have worked here.


Chloe Harwood

My name is Chloe Harwood and I worked at Olsson during the summer of 2019 as a Bridge and Road Intern. I learned an incredible amount through this experience and have gained a new understanding the work done at Olsson and in the industry. One of the skills I learned was

working with ODOT MicroStation. I had some previous experience working with AutoCAD at college but had never felt drafting was a strong suit of mine and felt limited in the number of programs I was comfortable with. At Olsson I was able to learn about drafting through interesting work and with enthusiastic assistance from many engineers in the office. This has not only taught me how to work with MicroStation but has improved my skills and confidence in computer-based design overall. A great deal of the work I did at Olsson was working with existing designs to translate them into plans for signing, striping, and lighting. I learned how to create plans that were easily understandable and correctly articulated the design of the engineer, while upholding ODOT and other relevant standards. In addition to teaching me how to create plans, it taught me how to read engineering designs and be able to understand how projects are put together. I also got the experience of getting to work on preliminary designs for new projects, including a project in Broken Arrow that aimed to increase parking and make an urban area more bikeable, and a project in Oklahoma City that aimed to make a complicated traffic area safer and easier to drive. Through that process I learned more about what clients want from designs and learned how to use manuals and other resources to make smart design decisions for the area at hand. Working at Olsson has been an incredible experience. I have learned more about the company and the industry, and I have grown as an engineer. I’m incredibly grateful to Olsson for giving me this experience and to everyone in the company for being consistently supportive and allowing me to work on interesting projects in a meaningful way.

Summary of Accomplishments

Through my time as an intern with Olsson I have grown a great deal as an engineer. I’ve worked on a wide variety of projects, and the projects that have been my greatest accomplishments at Olsson are creating a signing and striping plan for a portion of US-81, working on a neighborhood plan for Broken Arrow, creating a preliminary roundabout for OKC.

Working on the signing and striping plan for one section of the US-81 bypass in Chickasha has been a project I have worked on throughout the summer. I started with the design for the area and went through the process of using ODOT standards to turn those into a signing and striping plan, including completing the striping, cutting the project into sections that could be read functionally in one sheet, labeling all the striping, creating a functional key map for the area, creating a sheet of required amount of materials needed, cataloging existing signs in the area, and identifying and plotting the signs that would need to be added. This process has taken a great deal of time and significant help but it’s incredibly rewarding to see a set of plans where I have been a significant part of the process. It’s also incredible to know these plans in some form will be used in the construction process, and to see the transformation of a theoretical design into usable documents.

Working on the project in Broken Arrow was interesting because it was in its early stages, which meant that the requirements shifted throughout my time on it, starting as a project to add roundabouts and turning into a project that prioritized biking and additional parking. Through it I learned how to quickly shift designs to more effectively work with the client and more

adequately serve the community. As an area’s needs are constantly shifting as communities grow and change, learning how to accommodate that is a process that is vital to the success and effectiveness of the transportation industry and was something I was grateful to be a part of.

I also worked on a preliminary design for a project proposal in OKC, which aimed to take an area with traffic situation that was no longer effective and turn it into a safer and more efficient system. I was given the idea of a roundabout and got to use the skills I had learned about roundabouts from the Broken Arrow project and the skills I had learned about striping to be able to create several ideas for how to improve the area. My work on that was used to help create the proposal that will be used for the project, which showed me a great deal about how the proposal process worked and showed me its importance in the industry.

Through all this work I’ve learned a great deal about different aspects of the transportation industry and have grown as an engineer. I’m so grateful to Olsson for this opportunity and all the support throughout the internship.

Elizabeth Klumpp

My name is Elizabeth Klumpp and I worked as a Road and Bridge Intern during the summer at Olsson.   During my time at Olsson, I was able to take my theoretical knowledge learned during college and apply it to real-world problems.  Being able to see the importance of the classes I have taken was a large contributor to how my Olsson experience went.  I thoroughly enjoyed every moment as an intern and am thankful that I was able to get this experience early on in my education.  While working at Olsson, I mainly worked alongside transportation and roadway engineers.  I assisted them on many projects while at Olsson, but the most memorable were State Highway 28 where I helped prepare files for a 60% submittal and US-81 where I prepared two packages of signing and striping.  Both were memorable because I got to work on them for a longer period compared to other projects and they included many scenarios that helped me learn more about transportation and roadway engineering.  While working I learned how to use ODOT Microstation, which included working with InRoads as well as AutoTurn.  While I still make mistakes, I am always learning and am glad that I was able to expand my technical skills into another drafting program.  Aside from working on projects, I also got the opportunity to go on sight visits with other Olsson engineers.  These visits ranged from bridge inspections during major flooding to visiting an airplane hangar. During visits I got to see the construction process as well as learn hands on about the things I have only learned about during class.  As an intern, I have been able to experience and learn so much in such a short time. Everyone in the office was extremely supportive, helpful and nice during my time at Olsson.  I truly looked forward to coming into work every day.  I had an extraordinary experience at Olsson, and I am so thankful for my opportunity to be a 2019 summer intern.

Some of my accomplishments during my summer internship included being able to help design a improvement to an intersection in Oklahoma City.  For this project I looked at traffic studies to gage how many people use this intersection on their daily commute throughout the week, and then discussed with other transportation and roadway engineers to find what would be the best changes to accommodate the traffic.  I enjoyed working on this project because it helped me learn how to design a functioning intersection and taught me about the importance of designing for the road capacity.  I also enjoyed that I was able to design the intersection and present my own ideas that I later discussed with the engineers I was assisting.  Another transportation project that I had the opportunity to work on was designing protected turnarounds at an existing intersection.  I enjoyed working on this project because I learned how to use the ODOT Microstation application AutoTurn.   It was very fascinating to see the program run and show me the weaker points of the design.  During the process, it was determined that semi-trucks would be unable to make it through the turnarounds with the current design and I was able to assist the engineers in fixing that issue.  This accomplishment gave me satisfaction to know that I had helped solve a real-world issue earlier rather than later in the design process.  Overall, all my experiences working with transportation and roadway projects was amazing.  I always felt like my work as an intern was important to the project and that I was making a difference.  I am so glad that I was on the Road and Bridge team this summer because it gave me the opportunity to see an area of civil engineering that I have come to appreciate and enjoy working in.