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Olsson Associates is a successful engineering and design firm that has been creating public and private projects throughout the United States since 1956. We offer comprehensive design and consulting services in water/wastewater, water resources, land development, landscape architecture, urban planning, environmental resources and compliance, transportation, technology, municipal, geotechnical, and mechanical and electrical.

We have expertise and experience in many different areas, but our mission is simple: to help make the communities we touch healthier, safer, and more prosperous, while sustaining the environmental health of our planet for future generations. Our work almost always involves land, water, air, and life, and working with these essential resources means that we take our responsibilities very seriously.

2017 Summer Interns

olsson Hanna Tsegaye.jpg

Hanna Tsegaye

Oklahoma State University

I got introduced to Olsson Associates through Oklahoma State University CEAT carrier fair. Day one, my monitor gave me an introduction training to MicroStation and how to work with it. In my stay in Olsson I got to work on four different projects related to roadway and two other projects related to Geotech and Surveying. 

The biggest project for all the inters this summer was the May Avenue project. This project was done by the interns with the help of other office stuff and we got the opportunity to present it for Oklahoma City officials. The project was mainly about modernizing the interchange and bringing it to a current standard. We worked on four different alternatives that works for the area like bridge rehabilitation, bridge replacement, standard at-grade intersection and continuous flow intersection. In this project, I worked mainly on crated horizontal alignment, vertical alignment and a profile. I also designed the continuous flow intersection for the May Avenue and N.W. Expressway. 

Finally, my summer in Olsson was more than I expected. I was given the opportunity to work on different projects and, I got to work on both of my interest which was Roadway and Geotech. I got to learn a lot about both fields which helped me in making the decision on what I want to specialize on. I thank Olsson for giving me the opportunity to join the summer intern team and for giving me the opportunity to work for them through my last semester of my school. I am also going to continue working for them after graduation, which I am excited about.

olsson Thomas New.jpg

Thomas New

Oklahoma State University

In the spring of 2017, I was offered a summer intern position at Olsson Associates. At Oklahoma State University, I was able to network with employees from Olsson and later set a date for an interview that was very informative and welcoming.

The first week on the job was a crazy whirlwind of meeting new people. Each intern was given a mentor that would guide them through learning the new software and how to navigate the office. My favorite part of the mentorship program was the friendship that immediately sparked and laid a foundation for a cohesive group of the entire office. I was given my own desk and my own space, which is a benefit for my personality, and made the experience feel more meaningful.

One thing about Olsson that meant a lot to me was the fact that I got to help with real projects and not get disregarded as a student that knows nothing. A project that the interns were able to complete mostly on our own was a proposal to the City of Oklahoma City about an interchange that had a bridge that was hit by a truck last summer.  The fact that Olsson allowed us to have such a large role in this project, with some mentor guidance, lets a positive light shine on the company. Overall, the experience I had at Olsson enriched my college and educational experience while reaffirming the fact that I wanted to pursue a career in civil engineering.

Brady Ghaniabadi .jpg

Brady Ghaniabadi

My time at Olsson Associates this summer was spent in the Tulsa office, mostly working with the general civil team. Throughout my time in the office this summer, I worked on a couple of projects such as a new school complex in Newkirk, a new Industrial site in North Tulsa, and a Wellness Center in Ada. My role was to prepare construction specs for the construction documents, drafting dimensions for the site plan, and finding all spot elevations needed for the grading plans. Along with these projects, I got the chance to visit a steel fabrication facility near the Port of Catoosa and perform a inspection of the facility for a SPCC plan that needed to be updated.

This summer opened my eyes to many different aspects of the civil engineering profession and also helped me figure out what would be the best direction for me to go in for the future. I learned a lot about good drafting practices and what is needed for most construction projects in the construction documents. Zoning and ADA requirements were also something that the other engineers in the office talked to me about and taught me how to find the appropriate manuals for the appropriate project. I thought that my internship experience was very beneficial to my education because it taught me the way engineers apply the knowledge they gain in school to their work and how the project process works.

Taylor Wall.jpg

Taylor Wall

The University of Oklahoma

I was able to meet Dr. Alan Soltani at the University of Oklahoma Civil Engineering and Environmental Science Seminar in the Spring 2017 semester. After hearing his presentation to my class about the career opportunities at Olsson Associates, I spoke with him about Summer 2017 internship opportunities. Dr. Soltani was very friendly and approachable. He gave me his business card and asked me to email a copy of my resume. After a few weeks, I was granted an interview and accepted the internship offer.

Overall, my experience interning with Olsson Associates was very rewarding. I was paired up with a mentor who was very patient and always willing to help with anything I might have questions about. Over the course of the summer I worked on many projects for clients of Olsson, in addition to the May Avenue/Northwest Expressway Interchange project assigned to the interns. I was able to utilize my current skills and knowledge from my coursework, as well as learn several new skills during my time at Olsson Associates. I am grateful for the diverse experience I gained as an intern at Olsson Associates, and I look forward to seeing where it might take me in the future.

Leah Huling .jpg

Leah Huling

Oklahoma State University

I began working as an intern at the Olsson Associates Oklahoma City branch directly after the spring semester of my senior year at Oklahoma State University. I had also worked under this program at Olsson the previous summer.

Once I returned to the office for my first day of the internship, I was welcomed by old faces and new. In fact, my new mentor, Seth Barkhimer had been a teacher’s assistant for one of my classes a few years ago. Last summer I had worked primarily within the transportation team, but now I would be working within site/civil. They introduced to us a new project the interns would be working on throughout the summer, which was very exciting! For the rest of the summer I familiarized myself with the basics of site/civil projects, primarily through the software program AutoCAD Civil 3D. Seth and other members of the site/civil team were invaluable resources to me here. When I wasn’t working on these projects, I was able to make progress on the “intern project”. We interns were given the wonderful opportunity to make a project proposal to present to the city engineers of Oklahoma City. Our task was to come up with a variety of viable project alternatives for bringing a structurally deficient and unsafe interchange up to current safety standards. Throughout this project we were able to get our hands dirty by surveying in the field, and we were able to experience working with several different departments as we developed the project. This was perhaps my favorite part of my internship experience. I collaborated with a fellow intern to assemble a reconnaissance report, created multiple drawings from scratch on Microstation, and was introduced to a whole new software program important to environmental engineering consultants.

My overall experience with Olsson this summer surpassed my expectations. I worked on a large range of projects within site/civil, travelled to the field for environmental surveys, and created topographic surveys with our surveying team. Olsson also took care to introduce me and my fellow interns to some of the deeper knowledge and specialties within the office through “lunch and learns.” During these meetings, I learned about the implications of endangered and protected wildlife within project areas and about the multitude of factors that can influence where a project is even allowed to be built. For both of my summer internships at Olsson everyone in the office was incredibly helpful and supportive and I could not imagine a better work environment. I was routinely included in real world civil engineering projects that have already been invaluable to my educational experience, and I am sure they will continue to be invaluable to my future career. I would like to thank the company and the people for such a wonderful internship program.