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Poe & Associates is dedicated to providing our clients with exceptional consulting engineering services. Since its founding in 1967, Poe has successfully built a reputation as a professional engineering and surveying firm with high integrity and dedication to excellent project results. We have continued to grow and expand our areas of practice in the fields of engineering, planning, and environmental services. Today, Poe is recognized as one of the leading civil engineering firms in the region. We maintain offices in Oklahoma City, Tulsa, and Wichita, Kansas.

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2018 summer intern

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Kyndra Spencer
The University of Oklahoma
Master of Science in Geography

Kyndra Spencer was employed by Poe & Associates, Inc. to be an intern for the Summer and Fall of 2018. The first few weeks of her internship were filled with basic tasks for a graduate geography student entering the transportation sector such as familiarizing herself with various CAD programs, beginning to learn about right-of-way acquisition, and GIS processes already in place. However, after the first month, right-of-way acquisition duties and new processes began to take shape.

Before arriving at Poe, The Oklahoma Turnpike Authority (OTA) had selected Poe to be the overall project manager of the Driving Forward. She entered the scene at the perfect opportunity to get to experience multiple stages of project development within the program. The Overall Driving Forward program was developed to decrease congestion and wrecks on state highways, increase the number of Oklahoma’s tolled interstates, and improve the condition of already existing turnpikes. There were six corridors to be improved: H.E. Bailey reconstruction, Muskogee reconstruction, Turner widening, Gilcrease Expressway virgin alignment, Eastern Oklahoma County virgin alignment, and John Kilpatrick virgin alignment.

Kyndra’s first contribution to the Driving Forward program was to serve as a GIS Specialist in various capacities. Upon her growing familiarity with the Driving Forward program, Kyndra began to take on more projects. It was her job to update and maintain the right-of-way acquisition tracking. This right-of-way tracking contained all of the information that was associated with the acquisition of new right-of-way including assessor’s information, acquisition status and updated master misery information. It was then that she began to understand the complexity of the right-of-way acquisition process and how spacial analysis could fit perfectly within the project. Beyond right-of-way acquisition, Kyndra was able to produce a sign database for a new corridor for OTA. This sign database spatially depicted all of the planned signs and allowed the program manager to ensure that designers maintained cohesive sign types and locations.

Upon becoming more familiar with all of the projects that can be associated with civil engineering, she began to take on a variety of more projects. Thorough education in coding resulted in the production of a right-of-entry report to track the status of parcels needed to relocate utilities. She also began work assisting with OTA and ODOT utility relocations. Other projects that she has become involved in during her internship include aerial imagery retrieval, joint use agreement map creation, public meetings, and tracking design updates.

Kyndra Spencer’s time at Poe & Associates, Inc. has greatly increased her knowledge of the transportation industry. She was able to witness the collaborative environment of many engineering pooling their expertise together in order to ultimately equip the community with safer traveling options. Kyndra Spencer continues her internship through Spring 2019 with a desire to grow as a GIS specialist and serve the community by developing products that are informative and concise.