Under the umbrella of the USDOT Strategic Objective, “State of Good Repair”, the SPTC will specifically address the key issues of “climate and infrastructure upon transportation and freight”.  Sustainability, resiliency and safety are key elements of the proposed program. The SPTC Strategic Plan addresses five specific topics: (1) Impact of Weather Extremes on Bridges, (2) Innovative Monitoring to Quantify Damage Accumulation in Transportation Infrastructure, (3) Innovations in Materials and Construction of Pavements to Resist Extreme Temperatures, (4) Innovative Technology to Monitor Icing and Winter Weather Vehicles, and (5) Multi-Modal Freight Movement Models Considering Weather Extremes.

SPTC Award Listing January 2019

Download list of SPTC Awards through January 2019.
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Education and Outreach    

SPTC 14.0-01 PI: Sharon Lewis, Langston University, “Interns and Outreach”

SPTC 14.0-02 PI: D. Chongo Mundende, “Langston University Transportation Academy”

SPTC 14.1-01 PI: Cathy H. Allen, Texas Tech University, “STEM Teacher Professional Development – Transportation Series/ Student Outreach and Education – Companion Poposals,” Co-PI(s):  Sanjaya Senadheera, Priyantha Jayawickrama, Hongchao Liu (all from TTU)
DOWNLOAD 14.1-01 Final Report (PDF)

SPTC 14.1-70 PI: Sanjay Tewari, Louisiana Tech University, “Technology-Rich Transportation Engineering Projects,” Co-PI(s): Norman Pumphrey Jr, David Hall (both LaTech), Raghava Kommalapati (Prairie View A&M University) (
DOWNLOAD 14.1-70 Final Report (PDF)

SPTC 14.2-12 PI: Phil Lewis, Oklahoma State University, “Sustainability and Training Materials for In-Place Recycling,” Co-PI(s): Stephen A. Cross (OSU)
DOWNLOAD 14.2-12 Final Report (PDF)

Climate, Safety, Traffic and Multimodal Considerations

SPTC 14.1-03 PI: Mohammed Atiquzzaman, The University of Oklahoma, “Enhancing Driver Safety During Severe Weather Conditions,” Co-PI(s): Ron Barnes, Joseph Havlicek (both of OU), Majeed Hayat (UNM)

SPTC 14.1-39 PI: Junran Li, The University of Tulsa, “Identifying Dust Emission “Hot Spots” in the Southern Plains Region of New Mexico, Oklahoma and Texas: Effect of Blowing Dust on Highway Safety,” Co-PI(s):  Thomas E. Gill (UT-El Paso), Jeffrey A. Lee (TTU)
DOWNLOAD 14.1-39 Final Report (PDF)

SPTC 14.1-45 PI: Hongchao Liu, Texas Tech University, “Web-Based Routing Assistance Tool to Reduce Pavement Damage by Overweight and Oversize Vehicles,” Co-PI(s):  Sanjaya Senadheera (TTU)
DOWNLOAD 14.1-45 Final Report (PDF)

SPTC 14.1-50 PI: Renee A. McPherson, The University of Oklahoma, “Trends in Cold Temperature Extremes and Winter Weather for the SPTC Region,” Co-PI(s):  Esther Mullens, Derek Rosendahl, Mark Shafer, Michael Richman (OU)
DOWNLOAD 14.1-50 Final Report (PDF)

SPTC 14.1-77 PI: Kelvin Wang, Oklahoma State University, “Safety Evaluation of Pavement Surface

DOWNLOAD 14.1-77 Final Report (PDF)

SPTC 14.1-86 PI: Guohui Zhang, The University of New Mexico, “Crash Severity Formulation and Analysis under Extreme Weather Conditions,” Co-PI(s):  Rafiqul A. Tarefder (UNM)
Download 14.1-86 Final Report (PDF)

SPTC 14.1-97 PI: Vivek Tandon, University of Texas at El Paso, "Understanding Impact of Climate Change on Highway Hydraulic Design Procedures," Co-PI(s): Vinod Kumar (UTEP)
Download 14.1-97 Final Report (PDF)

SPTC 15.1-20 PI: Sarah Hernandez, The University of Arkansas, “The Effects of Weather Events on Truck Traffic Using Fixed and Mobile Traffic Sensors,” Co-PI(s): Song Feng (UARK)
DOWNLOAD 15.1-20 Final Report (PDF)

SPTC 15.1-25 PI: Sarah Nurre, The University of Arkansas, “The Dependence of Infrastructure Restoration on Transportation Networks”
DOWNLOAD 15.1-25 Final Report (PDF) 

SPTC 15.1-35 PI: Yongwei Shan, Oklahoma State University, “Assessing the Risk of Landslide in Oklahoma Highways Using LiDAR,” Co-PI(s): Joshua Qiang Li (OSU), Xiaoming Yang (OSU)
DOWNLOAD 15.1-35 Final Report (PDF)

SPTC 15.1-38 PI: Kash Barker, The University of Oklahoma, "Modeling Resilience and Impact in Multi-Modal Transportation Networks"  

SPTC 15.1-45 PI: Carlos Chang, University of Texas at El Paso, “A Sustainable Performance-Based Methodology to Address the Impact of Climate Change on the ‘State of Good Repair’ of Transportation Infrastructure”
DOWNLOAD 15.1-45 Final Report (PDF)

SPTC 15.1-50 PI: Vanessa Valentin, University of New Mexico, “Rapid and Cost-Effective Rehabilitation Alternatives for Transportation Infrastructure Affected by Extreme Conditions” 

SPTC 15.2-08 PI: Hazem Refai, University of Oklahoma, "Incorporation of Speed/Travel-time Data Sets in Traffic Performance Analysis," Co-PI(s): Samir Ahmed (OSU)

SPTC 15.5-04 PI: Katherine Hayhoe, Texas Tech University, “Infrastructure-Relevant Climate Projections for the Southern Great Plains,” Co-PI(s): Darryl James, Ph.D., Anne M.K. Stoner
DOWNLOAD 15.5-04 Final Report (PDF)

SPTC17.1-03 PI: Kash Barker, The University of Oklahoma, “Economic Impacts of Multi-Modal Transportation Network Recovery”
Download 17.1-03 Final Report (PDF)

SPTC17.1-04 PI: Ron Barnes, The University of Oklahoma “Expanding PARIS+ to regional police agencies,” Co-PI: Joseph Havlicek (OU)

SPTC17.1-10 PI: Sanjay Tewari, Louisiana Tech University, “Combined effect of sea-level rise and coastal land subsidence – Identification of critical transportation infrastructure at-risk in coastal SPTC region,” Co-PI: Wesley Palmer (LaTech)

Bridge Structures

SPTC 14.1-20 PI: Micah Hale, University of Arkansas, “Evaluation of Surface Treatments to Mitigate ASR”

SPTC 14.1-21 PI: Micah Hale, University of Arkansas, “Impact of Extreme Summer Temperatures on Bridge Structures,” Co-PI(s):  Royce W. Floyd (OU)

SPTC 14.2-21 PI: Naiyu Wang, The University of Oklahoma, “Temperature Effects in Bridge Condition Evaluation and Capacity Rating in Oklahoma,” Co-PI(s): K.K. "Muralee" Muraleetharan, Luther White (both from OU)

SPTC 14.1-36 PI: Priyantha Jayawickrama, Texas Tech University, “Impact of Deicing Salts on Corrosion Rates of MSE Reinforcement,” Co-PI(s):  Sang-Wook Bae, Andrew Jackson, William Lawson, Hoyoung Seo (all of TTU)

SPTC 14.1-38 PI: Tyler Ley, Oklahoma State University, “Development of Mixture Designs for Pumpable Concrete for Extreme Weather”
DOWNLOAD 14.1-38 Final Report (PDF)

SPTC 14.1-52 PI: Kanthasamy Muraleetharan, The University of Oklahoma, “Design of Integral Abutment Bridges in Extreme Climate,” Co-PI(s):  Gerald A. Miller (OU)

SPTC 14.1-58 PI: Royce Floyd, The University of Oklahoma, “Evaluation and Repair of Bridges in Extreme Environments,” Co-PI(s): Gary Prinz (UArk)
DOWNLOAD 14.1-58 Final Report (PDF)

SPTC 14.1-66 PI: Mahmoud Reda Taha, The University of New Mexico, “Improving Fatigue of Polymer Concrete Overlays Using Nanomaterials,” Co-PI(s): Rafi Tarefder (UNM)
DOWNLOAD 14.1-66 Final Report (PDF)

SPTC 14.2-09 PI: Julie Ann Hartell, Oklahoma State University, “Monitoring Extreme Loading and Climate Impact on Infrastructure,” Co-PI(s): Tyler Ley, Phil Lewis, Yongwei Shan (all of OSU)
DOWNLOAD 14.2-09 Final Report (PDF)

SPTC 15.1-12 PI: Mohamed Soliman, Oklahoma State University, “Risk-based Life-Cycle Management of Deteriorating Bridges,” Co-PI(s): Julie Ann Hartell (OSU)
DOWNLOAD 15.1-12 Final Report (PDF)

SPTC 15.1-17 PI: Hoyoung Seo, Texas Tech University, “Tangential Heave Stress Acting on Deep Foundations in Cold Regions,” Co-PI(s): William Lawson (TTU), Priyantha Jayawickrama (TTU)
DOWNLOAD 15.1-17 Final Report (PDF)

SPTC 15.1-46 PI: Arturo Bronson, University of Texas at El Paso, “Degradation of Mechanically Stabilized Earth Reinforcements Exposed to Different Environmental Conditions” 

SPTC15.5-01 PI: Hongchao Liu, Texas Tech University, “Towards an Open-Source Web GIS-based Bridge Management System using
Advanced Geo-Spatial Data Visualization and Integration Technologies,”  
DOWNLOAD 15.5-01 Final Report (PDF)

SPTC15.5-03 PI: Hoyoung Seo, Texas Tech University, “Development of Novel Analysis Model for Foundations Subjected to Combined Torsional and Lateral Loads Due to High Wind,”  
DOWNLOAD 15.5-03 Final Report (PDF)



SPTC 14.1-30 PI: Amit Bhasin, The University of Texas at Austin, “Resistance Of Asphalt Mixes With Recycled Materials To Withstand Extreme Temperatures,” Co-PI(s): Zahid Hossain (Arkansas State)

SPTC 14.1-47 PI: Enad Mahmoud, The University of Texas-Pan American, “Numerical Modeling of Asphalt Crack Resistance,” Co-PI(s):  Soheil Nazarian (UTEP)

SPTC 14.1-64 PI: Sanjaya Senadheera, Texas Tech University, “Asphalt Binder Rheological Characterization for Extreme Climate Events,” Co-PI(s):  Rajesh Khare (TTU)

SPTC 14.1-69 PI: Rafiqul Tarefder, The University of New Mexico, “Evaluating Rutting and Stripping Potentials of Asphalt Mixes using Hamburg Wheel Tracking Device”
DOWNLOAD 14.1-69 Final Report (PDF)

SPTC 14.1-76 PI: Jay Wang, Louisiana Tech University, “Impact of Severe Drought on the Compacted Expansive Clays (Subgrade) in Northern Louisiana”
DOWNLOAD 14.1-76 Final Report (PDF)

SPTC 14.1-80 PI: Nazimuddin “Wasi” Wasiuddin, Louisiana Tech University, Characterization of Asphalt Binders Exposed to Extreme Temperatures Through Simple and Effective Test Methods,” Co-PI(s):  Zahid Hossain, (ArkState), Rouzbeh Ghabchi (OU), Louay N. Mohammad (LSU)
DOWNLOAD 14.1-80 Final Report (PDF)

SPTC 14.1-81 PI: Clinton Wood, University of Arkansas, “Development of the MASW Method for Pavement Evaluation”
DOWNLOAD 14.1-81 Final Report (PDF)

SPTC 14.1-92 PI: Reza S. Ashtiani, University of Texas at El Paso, "A Novel Approach for the Characterization of the Rutting Performance of Pavement Foundations," Co-PI(s): Bill Tseng (UTEP)
DOWNLOAD 14.1-92 Final Report (PDF)

SPTC 14.1-94 PI: Cesar Carrasco, University of Texas at El Paso, "Development of Numerical Simulation Tool for Continuously Reinforced Concrete Pavements," Co-PI(s): Soheil Nazarian (UTEP)
DOWNLOAD 14.1-94 Final Report (PDF)

SPTC 14.1-96 PI: Calvin M. Stewart, University of Texas at El Paso, "Quantifying Thermomechanical Fatigue of Hot Mix Asphalt: A Feasibility Study," Co-PI(s): Imad N. Abdallah (UTEP)
Download 14.1-96 Final Report (PDF)

SPTC 14.2-02 PI: Amy Cerato, The University of Oklahoma, “Validating Field Employed X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) on Stabilized Subgrade Projects to Assess Impact of Extreme Precipitation Events, Improve Construction Quality Control and Facilitate Geotechnical Forensic Investigations,” Co-PI(s): Gerald A. Miller (OU)
DOWNLOAD 14.2-02 Final Report (PDF)

SPTC 14.2-03 PI: Sesh Commuri, The University of Oklahoma, “Special Provisions for Intelligent Compaction of Stabilized Soil Subgrades,” Co-PI(s): Musharraf Zaman, Manik Barman (both of OU)
DOWNLOAD 14.2-03 Final Report (PDF)

SPTC 14.3-06 PI: Rafiqul A. Tarefder, University of New Mexico, “Design Data for Rigid Pavements in New Mexico,” Co-PI(s): Mahmoud Reda Taha (UNM)

SPTC 15.1-06 PI: Xiaoming Yang, Oklahoma State University, “Mitigating Dry Shrinkage Pavement Cracking by Geocell,” Co-PI(s): Rifat Bulut (OSU), Joshua Qiang Li (OSU)

SPTC 15.1-23 PI: Jay Wang, Louisiana Tech University, “Development of a Mechanistic-based Design Method for Geosynthetics-Reinforced Pavement on Expansive Soils”
DOWNLOAD 15.1-23 Final Report (PDF)

SPTC 15.1-24 PI: Kianoosh Hatami, The University of Oklahoma, "ODOT Guidelines for the Use of FRS in Highway Construction"
DOWNLOAD 15.1-24 Final Report (PDF)

SPTC 15.1-28 PI: Nazimuddin Wasiuddin, Louisiana Tech University, “Development of a RTFO-Aging Test Protocol for WMA Binders and Its PG Grading” 
DOWNLOAD 15.1-28 Final Report (PDF)

SPTC 15.1-31 PI: Rouzbeh Ghabchi, The University of Oklahoma, "Development of Special Provision for Mix Design of Foamed-WMA Containing RAP," Co-PI(s): Manik Barman (University of Minnesota), Musharraf Zaman (OU)

SPTC 15.1-33 PI: Clinton Wood, The University of Arkansas, “Geophysical Assessment of Subsurface Soil Conditions using Capacitively Coupled Resistivity”
DOWNLOAD 15.3-33 Final Report (PDF)

SPTC 15.1-43 PI: David Hall, Louisiana Tech University, “Rehabilitation of Deteriorated Timber Piles using FRP Composites,” Co-PI(s): Shaurav Alam (LaTech)
DOWNLOAD 15.1-43 Final Report (PDF)

SPTC 15.1-49 PI: Mahmoud Reda Taha, University of New Mexico, “Field Implementation of Fatigue Enhanced Polymer Concrete Incorporating Nanomaterials” 
Download 15.1-49 Final Report (PDF)

SPTC 15.2-04 PI: Joshua Qiang Li, Oklahoma State University, "Development of Statewide WIM Data Quality Control and Axle Load Spectra and Traffic Volume Adjustment Factors for Oklahoma," Co-PI(s): Musharraf Zaman (OU)
Download 15.2-04 Final Report (PDF)

SPTC 15.2-18 PI: Jeffrey Volz, University of Oklahoma, "Development of Guidelines for High-Volume Recylced Materials for Sustainable Concrete Pavement," Co-PI(s): Julie Hartell (OSU)

SPTC 15.2-19 PI: Rouzbeh Ghabchi, University of Oklahoma, "Development of a SFE Database for Screening of Mixes for Moisture Damage in Oklahoma," Co-PI(s): Rifat Bulut (OSU)

SPTC 15.3-03 PI: Noureddine Abidi, Texas Tech University, “Cotton-Derived Composite Materials for Climate Resilient Transportation Infrastructure”
DOWNLOAD 15.3-03 Final Report (PDF) 

SPTC17.1-07 PI: Julie Ann Hartell, Oklahoma State University “Surface Resistivity Testing for Quality Control of Concrete Mixtures”
DOWNLOAD 17.1-07 Final Report (PDF)