Education and Outreach

SPTC 14.2-12 PI: Phil Lewis, Oklahoma State University, “Sustainability and Training Materials for In-Place Recycling,” Co-PI(s): Stephen A. Cross (OSU)

Climate, Safety, Traffic and Multimodal Considerations

SPTC 14.1-45 PI: Hongchao Liu, Texas Tech University, “Web-Based Routing Assistance Tool to Reduce Pavement Damage by Overweight and Oversize Vehicles,” Co-PI(s):  Sanjaya Senadheera (TTU)

Bridge Structures

SPTC 14.1-58 PI: Royce Floyd, The University of Oklahoma, “Evaluation and Repair of Bridges in Extreme Environments,” Co-PI(s): Gary Prinz (UArk)

SPTC 14.1-66 PI: Mahmoud Reda Taha, The University of New Mexico, “Improving Fatigue of Polymer Concrete Overlays Using Nanomaterials,” Co-PI(s): Rafi Tarefder (UNM)


SPTC 14.1-81 PI: Clinton Wood, University of Arkansas, “Development of the MASW Method for Pavement Evaluation”