2016 SPTC SEED Scholar

Ollie Blount

Ollie has been a part of the SEED program for two years and states it as her favorite College of Engineering program. One activity she has accomplished, in the SEED Scholar Program, was reinventing an activity called an “Egg Car.” Ollie, and a fellow SEED scholar, took the reins of the project, reconstructing the ramp that was only a three foot long piece of wood, with something to stop the car at the end. After they rebuilt the ramps, they were 5 feet tall, with attachable pieces that had polyurethane, rocks, and sandpaper on them, to stimulate real world conditions.

Ollie is currently working on bringing back an activity called “Make it fly.” Her plans are to better this activity, with new materials, like balsa wood, to create better gliders and teach kids about Aerospace Engineering. In the midst of making old activities new again, she has learned a few things about engineering, including creativity, time management, and teamwork. Ollie continued to develop this program and will do many more developments on it, in the next year.