Silver Star Construction, Co.

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Silver Star Construction has been serving the Oklahoma City Metro Area for more than 15 years. The construction firm is located in Moore, Okla., and provides developmental and road construction services. It also develops various new products, such as cement kiln dust, a recycled soil stabilizer. It handles various projects, including excavating, paving, road construction and site preparation projects. It offers paving services for residential and commercial roads throughout Oklahoma. It has a wide selection of advanced equipment required for asphalt and concrete paving services. The firm employs trained and certified professional staff for maintaining its asphalt and concrete projects. In addition, Silver Star Construction distributes construction, earth moving, mining, paving, industrial and freightliner trucks.

2018 Summer Intern

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Blake Gerard
The University of Oklahoma, Norman - Class of May 2021
Computer Science major

Intelligent Compaction (IC) is an emerging technology that allows asphalt roller operators to monitor compaction quality in real-time. This summer I worked alongside Greg Kalicki and Jason Shawn of Silver Star Construction to standardize and document the analysis of IC data from the field. Over three main paving projects, we developed a general strategy to increase the accuracy and time efficiency of IC data analysis in Veta software, which was then documented in procedures. Silver Star can confidently move forward with IC data collection to ensure optimal asphalt compaction with the ability to address aspects of roller operation that need improvement.