Transportation Leadership Council (TLC)

Click Here to view pictures and information from the 2019 TLC Leadership Forum in Fayetteville, Arkansas!

The Transportation Leadership Council (TLC) is a new student driven organization being formed at the eight partner institutions. TLC offers development of leadership skills to its members while promoting opportunities in the transportation field to the University community and beyond. Primary overarching goals of the TLC include:

  • Developing the transportation leaders of tomorrow by offering leadership training to TLC members and the University community through several TLC activities.

  • Cultivating relationships with other TLC chapters through joint activities promoting the values and culture of the TLC.

  • Cultivating relationships with the local community and transportation industry.

  • Educating TLC members, the university community, K-12 students and the public at large about careers and opportunities in transportation.


Membership is open to all undergraduate and graduate students at SPTC institutions, including:

For the inaugural year, there are no membership fees. Interested students should contact Dr. Gerald Miller or Austin Messerli.

TLC Announcements:

For additional career and leadership development opportunities check out our Seminar page. 

Oklahoma Dept. of Transportation Presentations: 

The presentations above were presented by members of the Oklahoma Department of Transportation to the University of Oklahoma TLC Students in December 2017. 

The TLC strives to achieve these goals through various activities and actions including but not limited to:

  • Hosting lectures and seminars by leaders in the transportation field for the purpose of educating and promoting careers in transportation and inspiring tomorrow’s leaders.

  • Playing an active role in the planning and hosting of the SPTC Leadership Forums.

  • Offering leadership training activities to TLC members and other participants.

  • Offering educational activities such as tours of transportation industry facilities and landmarks including for example DOT Central office, Division offices, construction sites, consulting businesses, research facilities, etc.

  • Conducting outreach activities at local K-12 schools to promote and educate students about the transportation industry and career opportunities.

  • Conducting community service activities with a goal of enhancing the local transportation enterprise. For example, assisting with traffic studies or development of pedestrian and bicycle routes.

  • Through the SPTC, offering support to its members to participate in leadership activities such as travel to TRB/ASCE/ARTBA meetings for students.

Benefits for TLC members include:

  • Development of leadership skills.

  • Greater awareness of opportunities in the transportation industry.

  • Making new friends in the University community and beyond.

  • Developing connections to industry leaders in the transportation industry.

  • Making a difference in the lives of young people by informing them of opportunities in the transportation field and inspiring them to move towards rewarding career paths.

  • Making a difference to the local community.