TRIP 2014 Summer Internship Program

The 2014 TRIP is focused on summer internships for students seeking to gain valuable professional experience through working for a transportation company or a government organization/agency such as a department of transportation over a period of ten to twelve weeks. The actual project a student works on is selected based on the student’s interest, the company/agency needs, and the SPTC goals. Since State of Good Repair and climate-adaptive freight and transportation infrastructure are SPTC’s focus, a diverse set of topics can be covered by this regional internship program, including design, construction, testing (laboratory/field), management, compliance, safety, and training.

Learn more about the internship experiences on the following pages:

Burgess | C&M Associates | Farmers Branch | Half Associates | LTU | Olsson | OSU-CLGT | Univ of Texas, El Paso | Univ of New Mexico, Albuquerque

Participating Sponsors

AMEC Environment & Infrastructure, Inc.

Arkansas State Highway and Transportation Department

Association of Central Oklahoma Governments

Balfour Beatty Construction

Burgess Engineering and Testing, Inc.

C&M Associates, Inc.

City of Farmers Branch


Halff Associates

HNTB Corporation

Indian Nations Council on Governments

KSA Engineers, Inc.

LEC Engineering, Inc.

Ne-TEX Construction, LLC.

Olsson Associates

Silver Star Construction Co., Inc

T. Baker Smith

US Department of Transportation